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Long-Distance Love Affair

Leah is an Occupational therapist and is based in Paranaque City, Philippines. Joseph is a software developer in Canberra, Australia and has been living there for the past 11 years.

We met over the internet, in a chatroom in Undernet. Initially he claimed that he worked as a waiter in Oz, just wanting to find out if i'd turn him away. But he was kind enough to reveal his identity before the chat ended. We saw each other again online after a long time when he messaged me using a different nickname. That conversation was the turning point since we instantly became better acquaintances. The rest, as they say, is history. :-)


The Proposal!

After coming home in August 2004 and seeing each other for the first time, everything sort of fell into place. It just felt natural for us to discuss the future. Of course, initially we had to inform everybody of our intentions and boy, was it a tough task, especially on my part since i already had all these career plans lined up for me. But then again, things tend to work out by themselves. Soon enough, we had everybody's blessings. Guess it's meant to be! :-)

Joseph took my breath away when he surprised me with an engagement ring just the night before the Pamanhikan. Formal engagement or Pamanhikan took place on the 18th of December, 2004.